Maximise retail space and manpower by streamlining and adding value to the checkout process.

Reduce in-store queue times and enable a personalised checkout experience.

Suitable for:
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Small retail stores
  • Pop-up stores
  • Supermarkets

“Improve the customer journey by allowing shoppers to process purchases quickly and receive promotions based on previously bought items.

Traditional checkout counters demand significant floor space and manpower to operate – making owners worry about managing shifts, hiring the right amount of staff and balancing labour costs. And in certain retail spaces, many counters can sit unused for hours every day, creating little to no value.

With Smart Self-Checkout Kiosks, you can maximise precious real estate by speeding up the checkout process, reducing the need for staff at checkouts and create another channel to learn more about your customers. This frees you up to reallocate resources to more pressing business needs.

Self-Checkout Features

Quick product scanning & payment processing

Quick product scanning & payment processing

Wide range of accepted  payment methods

Wide range of accepted payment methods

State-of-the-art peripherals

State-of-the-art peripherals

AI-powered product recommendations

AI-powered product recommendations & discounts

Customer engagement

Customer engagement features via other Tofugear technologies

Fully configurable to business needs

Fully configurable to business requirements

Leading the future of retail

As a unified commerce platform, Tofugear is supported by a vast network of partners across the globe to create modern retail experiences in the APAC region. Leveraging a harmonious integration of retail processes and systems, we provide business transparency and seamless customer experiences.

How Self-Checkout help retailers to sell

easy self checkout from phone

Eliminate lengthy wait times

Once customers get to a kiosk, they can process their purchases in as little as under a minute. For the less tech-savvy, associates are available to walk them through the process.

Maximise space

Self-checkout kiosks take less space than traditional counters, allowing you to repurpose parts of your checkout space for promotions and other products/services.

Create a seamless omnichannel experience

The kiosks can be integrated with mobile shopping apps, eCommerce, IoT-enabled stores and more – allowing customers to receive tailored services no matter where they’ve shopped before.

How Self-Checkout help retailers manage

self-checkout-benefit-2 (V2)

Easily offer promotions/discounts

Kiosk interfaces can be configured to show current promotions and discounts customers can utilise at the point of purchase. The machines can also automatically apply points to customer accounts and print trading stamps for your loyalty programs.

Reallocate manpower & resources

Because customers can check-out without the assistance of a cashier at each counter, you can refocus your efforts on sales, marketing and customer service to drive larger business goals.

Unlock new streams of retargeting and remarketing

Kiosks can serve as an additional touchpoint to collect data on customer interests. This information can be fed into an AI-powered recommendation system or into a sales workflow. The possibilities are endless.

Interested in adding Self-Checkout to your stores?

Other Solutions

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