Endless Aisle

Extend your in-store inventory and never lose a sale due to out-of-stock items.

Offer a full product selection without the limitations your in-store space

Suitable for:
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Small retail stores
  • Pop-up stores
  • Supermarkets
  • E-tailers
  • Wholesale stores

Utilise your full inventory by allowing customers to order directly from your inventory sources.

Stockouts not only lose retailers sales every day but also affect customer loyalty, shipping costs and overall retail margins. With Endless Aisle, customers can use in-store kiosks, mobile apps or websites to browse for out-of-stocks available at other locations and arrange for a future store pick-up or delivery to their own address – allowing you to extend each store’s inventory beyond its storerooms and shelves.

Endless Aisle Features

Comprehensive overview of inventory sources

Comprehensive overview of inventory sources

Accurate stock counts of each location

Accurate stock counts of each location

Flexible kiosk, mobile app and website integration

Flexible kiosk, mobile app and website integration

AI-powered product recommendations

AI-powered product recommendations

Customisable design

Fully customisable to business needs

Leading the future of retail

As a unified commerce platform, Tofugear is supported by a vast network of partners across the globe to create modern retail experiences in the APAC region. Leveraging a harmonious integration of retail processes and systems, we provide business transparency and seamless customer experiences.

How Endless Aisle helps retailers to sell

self-checkout-benefit-2 (V2)

Provide easy access to out-of-stock  items

When desired items are unavailable at their current location, give customers the convenience and choice to make a purchase before they lose interest.

Showcase other relevant products

With machine learning, Endless Aisle touchpoints can collect data and show relevant product recommendations based on customer interest trends – increasing the possibility of up-selling and cross-selling your products.

How Endless Aisle helps retailers manage

restock and manage inventory from device

Restock retail locations with data-driven decisions

Using Endless Aisle customer data, you can analyse purchase trends and current demand to determine the right amount to order and keep in specific locations – helping you improve stock process control.

Reduce inventory-related queries

By providing information to customers on stock levels across all available inventory sources, store staff spend less time answering inventory-related queries and more time with customers on the store floor.

Interested in adding Endless Aisle to your retail stores?

Other Solutions

Take your commerce to the next level with our other Tofugear technologies. Endless Aisle can integrate with other offerings to create a more comprehensive omnichannel solution – enabling a truly seamless and highly personalised shopping experience for your customers.

Products enabling this solution

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