Customer Experience

Create interactive, connected experiences with IoT solutions tailored for retail.

Innovate your in-store journey and seamlessly digitalise customer engagement

Suitable for:
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Small retail stores
  • Pop-up stores

In the ultra-competitive retail space, businesses need to stand out by simplifying the fitting process and engaging customers in new ways.

New technologies enable new interactive and multi-channel customer experiences in the retail industry. While today’s shoppers may spend much of their time browsing online, many still prefer trying products at physical stores before purchasing online and/or offline.

Streamline the customer journey by providing customers both the convenience and flexibility of shopping online, as well as the tangibility of the physical world while trying your products in-store. With Smart Fitting Rooms & Counters, they can access your entire catalogue at their fingertips.


Customer Experience Features

Memorable, interactive customer experiences

Memorable, interactive customer experiences

AI-powered product recommendations

AI-powered product recommendations

Easy access to product information services

Easy access to product information & services

Social sharing integrations

Social sharing integrations

Customer intelligence visualisations

Customer intelligence visualisations

Fully configurable to business needs

Fully configurable to business needs

Leading the future of retail

As a unified commerce platform, Tofugear is supported by a vast network of partners across the globe to create modern retail experiences in the APAC region. Leveraging a harmonious integration of retail processes and systems, we provide business transparency and seamless customer experiences.

How Customer Experience help retailers

Through the power of next-generation hardware and software, retailers can now integrate various technologies such as RFID to create a truly seamless experience. Customers can now benefit from an omnichannel journey that provides more flexibility, convenience and meaningful interactions with your brand.

The retail landscape covers a large variety of industry areas and sectors. With the flexibility and extensive nature of our technologies, the possibilities for creating innovative, new and operationally-efficient fitting rooms and counters are virtually limitless. 

If your business requires custom digital fitting rooms and counters, we would be happy to walk you through our offerings. Reach out to us today.

Connected Fitting Room

Transform your fitting area into a one-stop service centre, where customers can browse your entire store catalogue through a digital mirror display and request items or assistance without having to repeatedly go in and out of the fitting room. 

By leveraging the data capture capabilities of RFID together with a virtually limitless range of touch display options (from tablet to full-size mirror), you can empower, inform and reward customers like never before.

Clienteling_Benefits2 (V2) CustomerExp_MagicMirror

Request products & call for assistance

Provide customers with access to your whole store right at their fingertips. This reduces the embarrassment & frustration of repeatedly walking in and out of fitting rooms to find the right product.

In-store analytics

Understand your customers better and empower sales associates with the information to properly upsell, suggest relevant looks, and engage customers in more meaningful ways.

Self-checkout & membership features

Streamline the customer journey by allowing them to make their purchases directly after trying products in the fitting room. Loyalty program discounts and promotions can also be accessed easily through the interface.

Smart Cosmetics Counter

Today’s consumers like to test and compare different products before making a purchase. The average cosmetics shopper on average tries 10 products or more when working with a beauty consultant at retail stores. By integrating RFID scanning technologies with a mobile shopping app, shoppers can easily access and recall their experiences while gaining the ability to share their looks with friends.

smart scanning cosmetic information CustomerExp_BeautyCounter

RFID product scanner

When beauty consultants place multiple items on the counter, they’re scanned instantly and displayed on the customer’s app – allowing them to quickly see information about each product as well as the price.

Connected beauty app

Customers can use a ‘Save to look’ function to easily come back to all the products they’ve used during a beauty consultation. They no longer have to memorise or write down items required for certain looks, and can effortlessly share and discuss it with their friends.

Try-on list and My Looks function has increased customer conversion value by 30%+ within 30-day period after product trial.

In-store analytics

Understand your customers better and deliver customer service based on actual data about products’ try-to-buy ratio, the most popular and least popular items in-store, and your top converting items.

Smart Footwear Station

Many traditional footwear stores are often under-staffed and struggle to provide a pleasant customer experience. Long waits, mixed up shoe sizes, lack of inventory and the frustration of having to ask associates for help are common complaints.

With RFID technologies, IoT sensors and smart displays, you can create a more engaging, tailored and interactive footwear fitting experience that not only saves both your staff and customers time, but also provides inventory visibility to maximise all inventory sources.

smart mirror browsing shoes CustomerExp_Footwear_Station

Connected fitting mat

With a built-in RFID and pressure sensor, customers can step on the fitting mat and activate a digital display that shows information and recommendations related to the product they want to try on.

Smart mirror

Customers can browse through the store’s entire catalogue, see stock levels, view alternative options, request other items to try on and call for assistance. By allowing shoppers to provide their own preferences, in-store staff can focus on bringing the right product to the right customer every time.

In-store analytics

Receive data on try-to-buy ratio, popular items, and stock movements. By understanding customer trends and utilising a product recommendation engine, your staff can provide tailored suggestions to each customer.

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Other Solutions

Take your commerce to the next level with our other Tofugear technologies. Smart Fitting Rooms & Counters can integrate with other offerings to create a more comprehensive omnichannel solution – enabling a truly seamless and highly personalised shopping experience for your customers.

Products enabling this solution

We offer a number of product packages with various technologies suited to different types of retailer setups. Find a product that suits your business or reach out for customised plans.