Order Hub

Intelligently manage and fulfil orders across your online and offline retail channels.

Distributed order management

Suitable for
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Small retail stores
  • Pop-up stores
  • Supermarkets
  • E-tailers
  • Wholesale stores
“Unlock your omnichannel capabilities and get products where they need to be, when they need to be there.”

Legacy systems were designed for static, individual sales channels with limited connectivity. However, today's' consumers demand that retailers offer the ability to buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere to meet their ever growing needs. Retailers need to to leverage their inventory across all sources and implement distributed order management to deliver omnichannel purchase and fulfilment capabilities.

Tofugear’s Order Hub is a distributed order management engine that connects all your order processes to a single hub. It provides an enhanced overview of all offline and online points in your supply chain, so that you can effectively receive, process, fulfil and return orders across a variety of sales channels. Streamline your end-to-end order lifecycle, minimise delivery cost, and deliver an an exceptional omnichannel purchase and fulfilment experience for customers.

Enabled Solutions

Fulfil customer orders efficiently & profitably

real-time stock orders and fulfilment from phone

Distributed order management

Dispatch orders from all your sales channels to different fulfilment locations and channels with Order Hub's distributed order management engine. Enhance your omnichannel capabilities with integration to Inventory Hub or a 3rd party warehouse management system for streamlined fulfilment.

Omnichannel purchase and fulfilment

With an integrated order management system, online and offline stores can easily work together to provide customers with options for both in-store pickup and home delivery regardless of where they shopped - giving them the flexibility to receive products in ways that are most convenient for them.

Real-time data visibility

Provide both staff and customers with an overview of inventory availability at each location and information on estimated shipping times to help them make better purchasing decisions based on the customer’s situation and needs.

Provide exceptional customer service

customer profiles from orders

Comprehensive customer profiles

Understand your customers better and optimise the customer journey based on their previous purchasing behaviour. With machine learning and workflows, speed up the checkout process by personalising fields with their favourite products, payment methods, pick-up locations and more. This data also allows you to open new opportunities for upselling, cross-selling and remarketing products you know they’ll love.

Integrated returns management

Returns can also be coordinated easily between online and offline stores, so customers can get their purchases exchanged or refunded at any location, regardless of where they bought the item. Our system supports confirmation, shipping label creation, and cost-effective returned items management.

24/7 order processing

With around-the-clock automation, client orders can be processed anytime, anywhere without the need for manual involvement from sales associates. With any internet-connected device on-hand, you can easily see the status of all your orders and provide real-time delivery data to your customers.

Maximise overall operational efficiency

tablet intelligent order reporting

Available-to-promise (ATP) inventory allocation

ATP calculations are unique to each business and give you a real-time overview of stock available to fulfil new and current order commitments. Understand your whole ecosystem holistically to adjust to demand and match it to production plans - so you can reliably deliver on customer orders.

Proactive intelligence reporting and analytics

With access to real-time orders, quickly generate up-to-date reports for recent orders, returns and out-for-delivery products. Get key insights into your strategy from AI-powered analytics and better understand customer scorecards, average order size, and order to booking close rates. Reports can be exported in a variety of standard formats or sent directly to management users by email.

Intelligently-sourced items

Instead of placing new orders when stock levels are low at one location, easily find inventory sources to replenish inventory using our built-in inventory location tracking capabilities - turning your stock rooms, store floors and warehouses into mini-distribution centres.

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