IoT Connect

Manage, deploy and connect your IoT apps and devices securely at scale with a unified platform.

Maximise, secure and scale your entire data estate

Suitable for
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Mid-market retail
Maintaining even a small number of IoT devices can become complicated very quickly.

Many IoT management solutions today struggle with connecting a multitude of devices and applications. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, they are often not agile enough to reliably facilitate and maintain communication across teams in an organisation. 

IoT Connect is a headless end-to-end solution for IoT asset management that can handle data from millions of devices at the same time. Utilising the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, it also provides the flexibility required to support the varied demands of the future for rapidly growing retail businesses.

Enabled Solutions

Share data seamlessly across your organisation

IoT data sharing across retailers


IoT Connect is specially made to connect with existing devices and built to support any device you want to add in the future. It’s compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android and more.

Headless, API-driven

Using a decoupled architecture, our platform provides developers with greater flexibility to innovate with custom applications and easily refresh designs without having to re-implement the entire system. This minimises the need for complicated multi-platform setups that are prone to integration problems and data inconsistencies.

Powerful scalability & reliability

Our infrastructure is capable of ingesting data from millions of devices at the same time. Whether you’re a small team or a large organisation, experience consistent uptime and low latency when connecting your devices to the cloud.

Keep your systems secure & future-proof

ISO 27001 certification

Uncompromising connectivity & security

Every device in your organisation is required to go through a robust authentication process before being able to fully connect the cloud. Through these ‘tunnels’, you can securely connect devices together while still keeping your firewalls up.

Remote device maintenance

Monitor device health across your organisation with extensive log files and reports, and remotely perform diagnostics and maintenance tasks to resolve issues on the fly. With this, you can ensure that all devices, regardless of geographic location, are up to date and performing optimally.

Manage your IoT devices strategically

manage operations from dashboard

Machine learning & predictive analytics

Receive AI-powered organisational insights through configurable data points, dashboards and visualisations – making it easier to understand organisational performance so you can make strategic, data-driven adjustments based on real-time activity.

Third-party application compatibility

Integrate it with popular enterprise applications and systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Office365, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, and more to enable analytics or specific actions to automatically trigger tickets or processes across both your customer facing and business applications.

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