Digital Commerce Hub

Simplify your eCommerce management to optimise the O2O digital retail experience.

Seamlessly connect your online activities to your offline operations

Suitable for
  • Luxury retail
  • Department stores
  • Mid-market retail
  • Pop-up stores
  • Supermarkets
“While most consumers prefer to shop online, majority of sales still happen in brick-and-mortar stores.

An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to shop online due to ease of search, the ability to compare prices and the availability of more detailed product information. To meet customer expectations, retailers need to not only have an online presence, but also integrate omnichannel purchase and fulfilment to maximise customer satisfaction and sales.

Tofugear’s Digital Commerce Hub connects your online and offline channels to a single platform to deliver a seamless customer experience. Our offering goes beyond traditional E-Commerce platforms by enabling O2O connectivity, integrating customer loyalty and empowering your digital teams to deliver a fit-for-purpose digital experience with web, mobile and other applications on any device.

Enabled Solutions

Enable commerce online, on any device


Headless commerce

As a completely API driven commerce platform, Digital Commerce Hub allows you to go beyond traditional web and bring your brand's digital experience to native mobile applications, WeChat mini-programs and more. White-label sample source codes and SDKs empower developers to create scalable experiences that are unique to your brand.

Rich product information

Unleash your brand's creativity with the ability to create and manage rich product information and content - including advanced product information management, customisation management and bundling. Add videos, social media streams and even AR/VR content so that customers can digitally experience your products in a whole new way.

Omnichannel shopping cart

Design and implement front-end, B2C shopping cart functionality into virtually any web, mobile or desktop application. Incorporates inventory availability and reserving functions, basket management, price and promotion features, delivery scheduling tools, postage/shipping/mailing rate and tax calculation, payment service provider integration, gifting options, and loyalty program integration.

Social media integration

Connect with your customers through any major social media platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Instagram, WeChat, Line and more. Integrated single-sign-on solutions maximise customer acquisition and deliver a more seamless customer experience.

Engage customers effectively & build loyalty

comprehensive customer profile

Integrated loyalty

Create digital forms for registering new customers via web, mobile and desktop applications. Enable secure login for customers via username/password, mobile number, social media single sign-on and IoT mobile interfacing (i.e. BLE Beacons, QR Code scan, etc…).

AI-powered recommendations

Pair customer data with machine learning to create product suggestions that are relevant to customers’ interests. These recommendations can be displayed directly on your eCommerce store or provided to sales associates on the floor to assist in-store sales. 

Omnichannel fulfilment options

By connecting inventory sources across your organisation, it’s easier to coordinate order fulfilment among different locations and provide customers with more options to receive their purchases. Whether they want to pick it up in-store or have it delivered straight to their homes, the choice is theirs.

Optimise your retail operations

comprehensive inventory analysis

Transparent inventory

Real-time inventory data gives you, and your customers, complete inventory transparency and real-time data synchronisation. Not only does this enable endless aisle and click-to-collect capabilities, but also ensures that orders never have to be cancelled due to inaccurate inventory information.

Comprehensive analytics

Performance data from all of your online channels consolidated into one platform where you can access dashboards and visualisations for data analysis. Get reports on sales, channel performance, and user behaviour and export them to a variety of standard formats or plug data streams directly into your own preferred BI dashboards such as PowerBI and Tableau.

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