Our platform is comprised of features that work together to deliver a seamless experience.


  • Responsive E-commerce website managed by unified backend
  • Suggestive selling and cross-channel marketing

Mobile App

  • Personalized in-store experience (ie. iBeacon proximity marketing)
  • Mobile commerce
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Call Assistance Feature
  • Self-CheckOut

Connected Fitting Room

  • Displays products in the fitting room
  • Suggestive outfit building and related products
  • Mobile app connection for personalized experience
  • Call Assistant Feature
  • Checkout function

RFID Real Time Inventory

  • Monitor inventory levels in real-time
  • Track movements of products through different points of interest within the store, including the fitting room
  • Enable customers to see available products and promotions anywhere, anytime

Machine Learning

  • Harness the power of Big Data
  • Learn your customer’s preference and make personalized suggestions
  • Capture increased sales across all channels

Clienteling and Staff Tools

  • Respond to customer in-store assistance requests
  • Review customer purchase histories and preferences for more personalized sales approach
  • Track real-time sales performance and customer feedback on service performance

RFID Enabled POS System

  • Knows which items are sold
  • Ties together with customer’s cross platform account including invoice record and related purchase history
  • Connected with Tofugear’s Omnitech platform back office system

Unified Backend System

  • Real-time customer product browsing analytics
  • Customer product interaction and purchasing behavior driven distribution and replenishment of in-store inventory
  • Order management and fulfillment

O2O Data Capture

  • Know how your customers move offline and online
  • Facilitate your customer’s cross channel purchasing and exploration process

Digital Transformation

Current retail technology providers only offer channel solutions that cater to channel-aligned organisations.

The subsequent disconnect between channels further widens the gap between consumer expectations and the actual brand experience.

E-Commerce to Brick

The notion of “E-commerce is the future of retail” is already in the past. The key to success is neither e-comm or physical/ brick and mortar stores, it’s about captivating/immersive experiences.