Tofugear for a Connected Retail Solution


Tofugear Omnitech is an end-to-end connected retail solution focused on the customer experience. Our systems are connected via Omnitech Core making it easy to adopt, and agile for execution.

Typical Retail Approach

Retailers’ approach to buying major operating systems is often from the most well-known vendors for each respective system. As time passes this usually results in a conglomerate stack of semi-integrated solutions, but ultimately, these systems still individually require continuous support and maintenance in order to support ongoing day to day operations. This is costly yet it’s standard practice in the industry. With Tofugear Omnitech’s Core API, integration is easy. To integrate your WMS or CRM into our system, it’s just one integration path per existing system.

Benefits of Our Platform
Modular Approach

Our modular approach ensures our flexibility in adapting to your needs. We designed each component to be plug ’n’ play ready and maintaining consistency across all activated channels.

Security and Privacy

We ensure all communication between server and client is handled through SSL. Our cloud hosting providers ensures your data is securely and privately stored.

Time to Market Advantage

Our platform on-boarding process is handled in a time sensitive manner, typically 3-6 months. Customers have the assurance of working with a platform managed and built by a team of IT experts.

Omnichannel Data Capture & Analytics

The best data capture for retail today happens online, but 92% of sales happen in physical stores. The only data capture in-stores are customer transactions at the POS, and opinions of the staff based on their experience with little data to back it. It is crucial for retailers to understand their customers’ offline shopping behaviour to drive conversions and sales. Along with online analytics, Tofugear Omnitech can also collect a wealth of offline analytics.

  • Real-time Footfall Heatmap Overview
  • Customer Traffic
  • Average time spent in sections of the store
  • Number of connected fitting room logins
  • Individual and general Tried-Buy Ratio
  • RFID Real Time Inventory
  • Inventory Movements Tracking
  • Assistance Requests
Our Features Also Include
Order Processing, Shipment & Management
  • Process orders through our a unified backend system.
  • Order picking and packing with RFID inventory integration.
  • Integration with popular shipping APIs to get real-time delivery rates and shipping label generation.
  • Unique piece level tracking through RFID technology with support for the usual UPC/IBAN code formats.
  • Return and cancellations and post-sales support features with cross-channel support.
Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Know your customers’ preferences over time
  • Analytics for more accurate forecasting
  • Product trend predictions
  • REST based API
  • Push notifications for Android and iOS
  • Improved Site Loyalty and Conversion Rates
  • Manage social presence and holistic customer database for loyalty or marketing.
  • Manage Coupons and Promotions
  • Processing power for high level Business Intelligence
  • Manage Page content and Articles
  • Manage Inventory with support for RFID piece level tracking
  • Manage Product catalogue for all channels

And More…