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How Shopping Malls Survive in Hong Kong

When a mall closes in the US, another one opens in Hong Kong. Perhaps an exaggeration, but Hong Kong is not remotely close to facing the same turmoil as in the United States, with for instance retail sales showing a healthy 12.9% growth in May..
Posted by tofugear on Aug 16, 2018

The Digital Payment Landscape in Hong Kong

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Three Ways to Create the Perfect Millennial Store

Posted by Tiffany Lung on Aug 2, 2018

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Five ways blockchain technology will impact retail

Much of the buzz surrounding blockchain has been around cryptocurrency, particularly after the recent sharp rise – and subsequent fall – of Bitcoin...
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on Feb 28, 2018

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Re-cap from Retail's Cutting Edge

In his thought provoking presentation, Carson McKelvey, Managing Partner of Tofugear shared his three pillars of building a successful retail..
Posted by tofugear on Feb 2, 2018

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In the Age of Connected Retail: Are you Best Leveraging your Expensive Retail Store Space?

In Hong Kong, we all share that the most expensive resource is real estate. It is not uncommon to see families spend more than half of their income..
Posted by Samuel Lo on Sep 27, 2017

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Social Commerce: Static Share-ability

Sharing has always been a vital characteristic of being human. From sharing moments at a friends or families gathering; to intimate moments between..
Posted by Harry Wong on Sep 6, 2017

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Quickfire: Utilise Visual Merchandising to Bring Store to Life

“If you never contemplate charging admission, chances are you will never create an experience worth an admission fee.” B. Joseph Pine II
Posted by Harry Wong on Aug 24, 2017