Tiffany Lung

Tiffany Lung
Tiffany is a retail analyst at Tofugear focusing on unified commerce, digital transformation, innovation and consumer trends across all retail sectors. Her insights have been featured in local and international media and she can often be found patrolling the streets to capture the most innovative stores for her #TiffanysRetailPatrol videos.

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How China’s New Ecommerce Law Is Impacting Retail

China has enacted a new ecommerce law from January this year, which is having a ripple effect on retailers, independent sellers and consumers. Perhaps not so surprising given that ecommerce accounts for close to a quarter of all retail sales In..
Posted by Tiffany Lung on Feb 20 2019

The Digital Payment Landscape in Hong Kong

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Three Ways to Create the Perfect Millennial Store

Posted by Tiffany Lung on Aug 2 2018


Four things to look out for at RAE2018

The Tofugear Booth (powered by Microsoft) This year we have a bigger and better booth and we’re partnering with our buddies at Microsoft. Located..
Posted by Tiffany Lung on Jun 6 2018

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Millennial Masterclass 2018 Recap

Four Key Takeaways from the Millennial Panel
Posted by Tiffany Lung on May 21 2018


The Future is Accelerating

Innovation labs are out, tech accelerators are in. Why are retailers investing in technology companies instead of pursuing innovation in-house?
Posted by Tiffany Lung on Apr 26 2018

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How McDonald’s is tech-savvier than most retailers

Title Image Source: Echochamber 
Posted by Tiffany Lung on Apr 11 2018

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Just because you're on Tmall doesn't mean you've won over the Chinese

Posted by Tiffany Lung on Mar 14 2018