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Recap of Retail Asia Expo 2018

Retail Asia Expo 2018 is officially over and it has been another successful edition for the Tofugear team. Here we summarise some of our highlights from the three-day event.
Posted by Harry Wong on Jun 21, 2018

The Digital Payment Landscape in Hong Kong

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"Never too much, only too little." The Impact of Information Availability

Information is power, and this is most certainly true in the retail industry. How helpful would it be if sales associates had easy access to in-depth..
Posted by Harry Wong on Sep 26, 2017

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Social Commerce: Static Share-ability

Sharing has always been a vital characteristic of being human. From sharing moments at a friends or families gathering; to intimate moments between..
Posted by Harry Wong on Sep 6, 2017

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Quickfire: Utilise Visual Merchandising to Bring Store to Life

“If you never contemplate charging admission, chances are you will never create an experience worth an admission fee.” B. Joseph Pine II
Posted by Harry Wong on Aug 24, 2017


Generation Z in 5 Graphs

The consumer as we know it, is changing drastically.
Posted by Harry Wong on Aug 2, 2017


Etailers leap into Physical Retail: Have they gone crazy?

Amid the digital revolution, why are online retailers choosing to make the leap into physical retail? Despite the persistent coverage regarding..
Posted by Harry Wong on Jul 13, 2017

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Proximity Marketing: Are You Shining a Light In The Dark?

“Beacon-enabled campaigns have an average click-through rate of 60%, compared with traditional campaigns like email marketing at 2%.” - Business..
Posted by Harry Wong on May 25, 2017