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Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Asia are nowhere near Singles Day

  While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are still mainly ­­US-based events, it is beginning to extend its reach and gain awareness across Asia. During the 2019 event, we witnessed promotions across China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and elsewhere in..
Posted by Terence Ng on Dec 6, 2019

The Digital Payment Landscape in Hong Kong

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Three reasons why retailers in Asia are upgrading their ecommerce platforms

  There are currently almost an endless array of technologies and innovations that retailers can invest in as they look to future-proof their..
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on Dec 2, 2019


What innovations are retailers prioritising for 2020?

New innovative approaches are required for retailers to continue to meet the lofty expectations of today’s connected consumers. Inside Retail’s Top..
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on Sep 12, 2019

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Five key themes from 2019’s RISE conference

With RISE having concluded on July 11, it is now possible to take stock of the learnings that have emerged from Asia’s largest tech conference. Here..
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on Jul 16, 2019

How can retailers unleash the power of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a buzzword in the retail industry for some time now. But rather than just talk about it, retailers are now at a..
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on Jul 3, 2019


Are Hong Kong retailers ready for a cashless society?

Tofugear, in partnership with payments platform Wirecard, has taken a deep dive into the digital payments landscape in Hong Kong, which has been..
Posted by Philip Wiggenraad on May 15, 2019


Powering Retail Image Recognition Innovation with True AI

Last week, Tofugear’s CEO was on stage at the Microsoft Future Now Conference 2019 in Manila to showcase our company’s latest innovation with AI and..
Posted by William Yeung on Mar 29, 2019