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Omnitech Unified Commerce Cloud

“Single platform with one version of truth across all channels”

An overwhelming majority of consumers prefer to shop online due to ease of search, the ability to compare prices and the availability of more detailed product information.

To meet customer expectations, retailers need to not only have an online presence but also integrate omnichannel purchase and fulfilment to maximise customer satisfaction and sales.

Clienteling Endless Aisle

Retailers often miss vital customer acquisition, relationship nurturing and sales opportunities at their pop-up stores and events. 

Retail marketeers need to leverage digital solutions that not only enable commerce, but also maximise customer value by delivering a quality pop-up store or event experience.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Mobile App

Shoppers demand choice, convenience and experiences that matter. Today's connected customers expect to see online capabilities merged with their in-store experiences.

Retailers must empower their front-line with modern mobile-point-of-sale and clienteling tools as well as improve their data transparency to make informed business decisions.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Customer Experience

Legacy systems were designed for static, individual sales channels with limited connectivity. But today's consumers demand the ability to buy and fulfil anywhere.

Retailers need to leverage all their inventory sources and implement distributed order management to deliver omnichannel purchase and fulfilment capabilities.

RFID Inventory Anti-Counterfeiting

Real-time inventory visibility is vital to maximising sales and customer satisfaction. But even with today's technologies, retailers still struggle with this.

Retail supply-chain managers need to leverage enhanced systems, applications and technologies to digitise their inventory and synchronise visibility across all channels.

RFID Inventory Anti-Counterfeiting

IoT technologies have unlocked new opportunities for retailers to enhance real-time data capture and contextualise customer experiences.

However, other commerce platforms are unable to natively integrate and connect IoT devices - limiting the impact of their applications and increasing the complexity of implementation.

Self-Checkout Customer Experience

Why Retailers Choose Tofugear

Unlock your full sales potential. Create experiences, for any device with an API-driven platform.

comprehensive and connected systems


Unlock new streams of value and achieve business objectives with our comprehensive solutions.

API commerce platform


Open API-driven commerce platform to unleash your creativity and achieve more, with less.

unified data ecosystem


Unify your commerce channels to deliver the best experience for your customers.

scalable business softwares


From pilot to full implementation, a platform that is fit-for-purpose and scales with your business.

custom designed platform


Every business is different – custom design your platform to be exactly what you need it to be.

SaaS pricing model


Flexible Software-as-a-Service pricing models and packages to suit the needs of enterprise retailers.

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